a sudden absence of bees (sabotabby) wrote,
a sudden absence of bees

Doctor Who

Kind of anti-climactic after the awesomeness of last week, y/y?

I—liked it, but probably not for the right reasons. Am I supposed to be interpreting the Doctor/Rose resolution as deeply twisted? Or was it supposed to be romantic? I can never tell these things.

• Someone is writing Doctor/DoctorClone/Donna/Jack pr0n as I type this.

• Terrorist fist jab!


• More German Daleks plz.

• Isn't the Doctor already half-human?

• Donna's resolution was about the saddest thing ever. I'm sort of annoyed that everyone else got relatively happy endings and she didn't. I think I might have preferred her dying heroically, even. Though here's a good argument as to why she shouldn't have.

Overall, it was a mildly disappointing ending to what's been the best series of Nu Who yet. Which is not damning at all when you think about it. And now we have Martha and Mickey's Adventures in Torchwood as well as more Cybermen to look forward to.
Tags: doctor who, sci-fi, tv
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